Newborn Baby D {Remington, VA Newborn Photographer}

This beautiful family came into the studio last Saturday with their precious 8 day old baby boy! He is their 5th child and one of four boys! I loved capturing the interactions between this growing family. Hope you enjoy looking through some of my favorites from their session.

Joshua Ryan {Culpeper, VA Fresh 48 Session}

It was such a privilege to capture this sweet baby's first 24 hour moments, and to see the reactions of his 6 brothers and sisters! One brother (#7) was at home napping, but I am sure they will make so many memories together as they grow up so close together! Baby Joshua didn't make it too easy on mom for being the last baby, but he arrived just when God planned for him to...Safe and sound! This is one of the sweetest families you will meet, and they make it look so easy to have 8 children. What a blessing they are to so many. Enjoy these first moments only 24 hours after he was born. 


Lachlyn Lee {Remington Newborn Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple's stateside wedding party two years ago, and when mom contacted me to take photos of their new baby girl, I was so excited! They came to the studio last week when baby Lachlyn was 9 days old. Baby L did so well and I just loved the way mom and dad interacted with her. They were naturals with her, and are adjusting to life as first time parents beautifully! Enjoy some of my favorites from her in-studio session!


The Birth of Blake {Fresh 48 Session Photographer}

I met mom and dad this past Easter at a church event I was helping another photographer with, and was so excited when mom wanted birth photos! She was scheduled for an induction on Friday July 8th. I went to bed super early on Thursday in case anything happened overnight, and around 5:30 am on Friday I received a message that things were starting to progress. I don't usually show up until moms reach active labor (5-6cm) so I waited for some more info throughout the morning. Lunch time came and went and baby Blake was nice and happy staying in mommy's belly. The doctor was keeping a close eye on the progress and mentioned the possibility of a C-Section. When they updated me on that info, I was playing outside with my kiddos and we immediately sat down and started to pray for mom and baby. 

iPhone photo of my middle baby, Abby praying.

iPhone photo of my middle baby, Abby praying.

It was around 1:30 and I decided to drive to Warrenton and meet my husband so he could take the kids home. I headed into the Fauquier Birthing Center, and started to take some photos of everyone. They were waiting on the doctor to check and the decision for the C-Section. Mom was so brave and she was doing a great job. She had been laboring for over 8 hours at that point. The nurses came in to check vitals, and they noticed that the baby's heartbeat was in distress with the contractions. They immediately called the doctor, and prepped her for an emergency c-section. Dad was right by her side and about 30 minutes later, he came out of the OR to update the family. Mom and Dad were so strong during this time of uncertainty and their families were praying for everything out in the waiting room. It was amazing to see all of the love they have for each other. Mom, Dad, and Baby are doing so well now, adjusting to being first time parents and all that entails! I went back the next day for some photos, because mom and baby were recovering the night of the birth. Isn't he so adorable?? Enjoy some of my favorite moments below:


The Birth of Elijah {Fauquier Hospital Birth Photographer}

It was around 7am on the 4th of July and I got a message saying "I am at the hospital in labor!" I immediately got up and started getting everything together. Baby Elijah was't due for another 17 days, but God had other plans! I made some breakfast, and ate on the way to the hospital. 

I first met Staci in 8th grade at a private school we attended together, and while we were waiting for baby to arrive we even joked about the odds of me capturing the birth of her 3rd son! She and her husband own Hairmarket in Haymarket, VA. They are both very talented stylists, and are some of the nicest people you will meet! 

Once things started to get rolling, baby Elijah was born in about 5 minutes! Momma was a rockstar!! The doctor noticed a complete knot in his umbilical cord and said he was a miracle baby. I am sure that he arrived a few weeks early because God has a special plan for his life!

Enjoy some of my favorite photos of his birth!

Remus {Newborn Photographer, Remington Virginia}

This cutie came to the studio a few weeks ago, and we did a mini lifestyle newborn session with him. He was so alert and even gave us a few smirks! Big Brother S, loved giving him kisses and can't wait until they can wrestle together one day! Remus was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate, and will start his surgeries next month, but mom and dad wanted to take some photos of him, before his smile changes! He loves to be swaddled and close to his family, and was such a sweet baby. Thank you for coming in baby R! Enjoy these adorable photos!!


The Birth of Adalae

It was a beautiful Wednesday evening, and I had just finished hosting our church's community group at our house with hot dogs and Smore's! I put my little ones in the bath and sat down for a few minutes, then I got a message. Just the words I had been expecting all week,  "We are in the delivery room". I rushed and changed my clothes, and headed to the hospital! Entered through the ER and told the lady behind the desk that I was going to the birth center. She directed me to the proper doors and then asked "It's not for you right?". Being 21 weeks pregnant myself, I was certain to let her know that I was just there to document a birth :) 

I made it up to the room and checked in to see how mom was doing. She looked beautiful and some of her family members were there to keep her laughing and distracted from the contractions. It was about 9:30pm and in just over 3 hours later sweet baby Adalae made her way into the world. Mom was focused with Dad by her side, and did such an amazing job! It was such an honor to be apart of this special moment. It is truly my favorite type of photography!

Enjoy the photos below! 


The Arnold Family Session {The Farm Retreat at Willow Creek}

Angie contacted me to take her family photos outdoors this spring. She knew that she wanted them outdoors, so we talked about different locations in the Culpeper, VA area. She saw a friend's wedding photos at The Farm Retreat at Willow Creek and fell in love with the property. I went over to check it out and met with the owners. They were so friendly and gracious! I had my two little ones with me at the meeting and they didn't mind at all and gave us a tour of the property. It was so gorgeous! I highly recommend booking your wedding or special event with them! 

So about a week later, I shot their session and it was such a fun night. They have a great sense of humor and their son loves the camera. It was a perfect evening and we were able to capture so many great shots! I look forward to future sessions with this family.


Happy Mother's Day {Remington Portrait Photographer}

This is my good friend, Stephanie, who is a hair and makeup stylist at Enlightened Styles in Warrenton. Some of you may have met her before for hair and makeup at your shoot. I knew this type of session would be perfect for her to do with her daughter! Don't you just love those cute dimples on Little Miss K? Enjoy!!

Baby Belly!

This beautiful momma to be contacted me and wanted to capture her growing baby bump a little earlier than the usual 32-35 weeks. So we decided to have 2 maternity sessions to see the progression of the bump! We met at their beautiful family farm that they have created so many memories at, and had a beautiful session! Enjoy these gorgeous photos!! 


Max [Remington Virginia Infant Photographer]

I first met little Max when he was minutes old! I had the honor of capturing his first moments right after he entered the world. He was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate and will be having his first craniofacial surgery tomorrow morning, so his momma contacted me to get a few photos of his adorable smile before they repair his lip.  I just love his expressions!!

Little Max we will be praying for you tomorrow and hope your recovery is fast and easy! 


Ray and Alice

Keep your mouth shut! 

The words of a wife who has been married to her husband for 58 years. I had the honor of capturing some anniversary photos of Alice and Ray. They celebrated 58 years this past June.

They met when she was 15 and he was 22, her sister was supposed to go out with him and she changed her mind so Alice and Ray enjoyed a night at the Fireman's Carnival riding the Ferris Wheel over and over. Their romance soon blossomed and Ray proposed to Alice at Christmas during her senior year. They were engaged for about 6 months and married the following June in a little white church. A few years after they married they had their first baby boy and then later had 3 more. They love to travel and had some of their most favorite memories visiting Florida and long road trips! It was so fun to see them interact and tell stories at our session in Old Town Culpeper, VA.

Since then I have really thought about Alice's advice on just letting things go and not to saying too much. It is so simple but it makes so much sense. Having been married for 8 years there have been times I wish I could have taken things back, So for the newlyweds or those who have been married for a while, think before you speak and just enjoy each other. Try not to let the little things bother you, because it isn't worth picking a fight about. 

Enjoy these sweet photos of Alice and Ray. They have been through it all! Married young, raised 4 children, battled cancer, been through ups and downs but have kept God in their marriage and have the stories to prove it! 


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Fall Family fun, a baby belly, and leaves! [Warrenton Family Photographer]

I first met this couple about 2 years ago when they were pregnant with their son. We had a fun maternity session in Old Town Warrenton and I was pregnant with my son at the time too, but didn't know the gender. It is funny to think back at how fast time has gone since then! We both have active little boys who love being outside, jumping and climbing on everything. 

The past year they have been serving as missionaries in Ghana, Africa and when they decided to come back to the US for a visit they contacted me to take some family photos. I was so excited to have the opportunity to capture these moments for them, so they can take these photos back with them to Africa.

LaDonna and Mike only have a few more months until they meet their precious baby girl, so they are enjoying this time making memories with their little guy, Frank before she makes her arrival. Enjoy these photos and leave some encouraging comments for them! So happy for you, LaDonna and Mike as your family is growing! 


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Malachi {Bristow Newborn Lifestyle Photographer}

I first met Lisa and Roger when I was in high school, they led worship and helped with the youth ministry at the church we attended. They weren't married at that time, but you could see God working in their lives to bring them together. A few years went past and they married and had a beautiful baby girl Bree! My sister and her husband kept a close relationship with them and one day my sister told me that Lisa was starting to use and sell Young Living Essential Oils, so I decided to reach out and see what it was all about! She showed me all the benefits and uses that you can use the oils for and I was hooked! 

Roger and Lisa have been through the good and bad. Experienced heartache and loss and in all of that, they have kept God at the center even when it was really hard to! He showed them peace and comfort through close family and friends in the most difficult times. I am amazed at the strength and courage they have to continue to serve God as they lead Worship at their local church and minister to those around them. 

I am honored they invited me into their home to capture these beautiful moments of welcoming Malachi into their family. Bree is such a good big sister and you can see the love they have for one another in the photos. Congratulations again!!