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Ray and Alice

Keep your mouth shut! 

The words of a wife who has been married to her husband for 58 years. I had the honor of capturing some anniversary photos of Alice and Ray. They celebrated 58 years this past June.

They met when she was 15 and he was 22, her sister was supposed to go out with him and she changed her mind so Alice and Ray enjoyed a night at the Fireman's Carnival riding the Ferris Wheel over and over. Their romance soon blossomed and Ray proposed to Alice at Christmas during her senior year. They were engaged for about 6 months and married the following June in a little white church. A few years after they married they had their first baby boy and then later had 3 more. They love to travel and had some of their most favorite memories visiting Florida and long road trips! It was so fun to see them interact and tell stories at our session in Old Town Culpeper, VA.

Since then I have really thought about Alice's advice on just letting things go and not to saying too much. It is so simple but it makes so much sense. Having been married for 8 years there have been times I wish I could have taken things back, So for the newlyweds or those who have been married for a while, think before you speak and just enjoy each other. Try not to let the little things bother you, because it isn't worth picking a fight about. 

Enjoy these sweet photos of Alice and Ray. They have been through it all! Married young, raised 4 children, battled cancer, been through ups and downs but have kept God in their marriage and have the stories to prove it! 


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