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The Birth of Blake {Fresh 48 Session Photographer}

I met mom and dad this past Easter at a church event I was helping another photographer with, and was so excited when mom wanted birth photos! She was scheduled for an induction on Friday July 8th. I went to bed super early on Thursday in case anything happened overnight, and around 5:30 am on Friday I received a message that things were starting to progress. I don't usually show up until moms reach active labor (5-6cm) so I waited for some more info throughout the morning. Lunch time came and went and baby Blake was nice and happy staying in mommy's belly. The doctor was keeping a close eye on the progress and mentioned the possibility of a C-Section. When they updated me on that info, I was playing outside with my kiddos and we immediately sat down and started to pray for mom and baby. 

iPhone photo of my middle baby, Abby praying.

iPhone photo of my middle baby, Abby praying.

It was around 1:30 and I decided to drive to Warrenton and meet my husband so he could take the kids home. I headed into the Fauquier Birthing Center, and started to take some photos of everyone. They were waiting on the doctor to check and the decision for the C-Section. Mom was so brave and she was doing a great job. She had been laboring for over 8 hours at that point. The nurses came in to check vitals, and they noticed that the baby's heartbeat was in distress with the contractions. They immediately called the doctor, and prepped her for an emergency c-section. Dad was right by her side and about 30 minutes later, he came out of the OR to update the family. Mom and Dad were so strong during this time of uncertainty and their families were praying for everything out in the waiting room. It was amazing to see all of the love they have for each other. Mom, Dad, and Baby are doing so well now, adjusting to being first time parents and all that entails! I went back the next day for some photos, because mom and baby were recovering the night of the birth. Isn't he so adorable?? Enjoy some of my favorite moments below: